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The twin of last month’s Peugeot. REALLY the twin – same owner, same purchase.

Also purchased from the original owner, this lovely lady is sooo charming and original. i particularly like the patina, and how the seat tube’s paint is more worn than the rest. One can see that the bike has been ridden in skirts and coats, their fabric swishing against the seat tube, hundreds of thousands of times. Contact Velocipedium by email or Facebook for more details. Price is £495.

SOLD 1947 Peugeot Cyclotouriste, 60cm. SOLD

This characterful machine was picked up in France 10 years ago, as part of a matching ‘Homme et Femme’ pair.
It has had only minimal tinkering since then, and has a wonderful patina. Some of the original hand-painted pistriping still remains, and the paint is worn away in places, showing undercoat, but there is no rust, except some minor pitting on the front wheel rim. If I were keeping this bike, I would fit new alloy rims.
The 650B tyres, with their 42mm width, give a lovely smooth ride, and it is very hard to find a bike with these original type of rd tyres nowadays.
The original 3-speed freewheel has been replaced with a 5-speed wide ratio for improved range. The front brake, and the levers, are of special interest, being a type I have not seen elsewhere. Very unusual. There is a spare rear brake also, since that has ben replace on th bike, with a conventional caliper. The chainset is a TA, which may also be an upgrade, since there is a fairly modern square-taper bottom bracket installed. The lights work of course.
The bike is full of delightful details, such as the pedals, the art-deco lights, and the original owner’s (mandatory) I.D. plaque on the rear mudguard.
This stunning machine is definitely for the taller rider. it is comfortable for me, when set as seen in the photos, and i am 5’11”.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

IMG_0797The original Elaedy saddle.

Toolboxes with leather handles.
Front brake, original pinstriping, patina!
Origial owner.
Taped & twined handlebars. The Gilles Berthoud handlebar bag is the rider’s own, and is not for sale with the bike.

The bike is for sale at £495, not including the handlebar bag or leather trunk, seen in the photos.

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